Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A wonderful third day of the internet workshop

Today we have started our third day of internet workshop by previewing our blogs and taught how to edit them. We were able to make some corrections of our text we wrote yesterday as an assignment.

Another thing which was done today is an assignment about what we learn yesterday (Tuesday), our experience, what we do, what was good to us and what problems we faced during the whole time of the workshop.

After doing the assignment, a lecturer told us to post them in our blogs as we done yesterday and tough us how to edit them and publishing them in our blogs.

In addition to that, a lecturer continued with training on internet in everyday journalism in which he talked about source of facts or background of information or content and what kind of information can you search for simple fact, background and know more about something you want to know.

We were also taught about things to consider before looking for information in the internet. These are, to think about what you are looking for, what sort of information can help you to get the information you need and what is the exact fact you are going to look for.

Another new idea taught in the workshop was search engines followed by practical assignment in which we were looking for countries capital through the internet. We were assigned to search for the capital city of Burkina Faso, Laos, Honduras and Estonia. Another search was about the population of Egypt, Finland and Ruvuma as well as the president of Namibia and Bolivia in which we looked for his background.

Contact information was another thing we were taught today. In contact information, we learn on how to search for contact of different authorities and people using the internet. Some examples of the contacts we looked for was the phone number and email address of Celtel Tanzania and the phone number of President George Bush.

All in all, the training on the third day of the internet workshop was nice and useful to me because we were doing thing in practical more than theory. I say so because “Practice makes perfect.”

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