Friday, August 29, 2008

Workshop fruits

Today is the fifth and last day of our internet workshop for Tanzanian Journalist organized by MISA-Tanzania and VIKES Foundation in Dar es Salaam. I would like to talk about the workshop in general and the things we have gained from the workshop.
Fist of all, the workshop was organized well from the beginning until the end under the good training of Mr. Johansson Peik who was our lecturer. Mr. Peik was having good material to teach us about effective internet use which was very direct, understandable, short and clear. According to my experience, in Tanzania most of the internet users use the internet just through learning from other. And most of them use the internet to send emails, charting and leading some information and looking for material for a particular purpose as I was doing. But through this training I have discovered that there are many things I was not aware with in this technology which are useful to the people who are familiar with the use of the internet. And I believe if every one will get training like this, we will bring about development in our country and the world as a whole.
During the workshop, Mr. Peik was using many examples in lecturing as well as practical assignment than theory. This was a good technique of training I enjoyed a lot because it makes me understanding many things within few time. We were able to search for many websites looking for news and other affairs. This includes booking tickets for train, searching for Olympic winners and timetable for football matches, statistics for internet user world wide and in Africa, looking for meaning of the words, finding people’s profile as well as editing information. So, I like to give big up to our lecture Mr. Peik for his good job. Keep it up!
I also enjoyed the presentation of Mr. Maggid Mjengwa about learning through the picture. It was a nice presentation to me for today.
I would like to congratulate my fellow journalists who have attended this workshop because they have done a good job especially by sharing information through blogs and being cooperative for the five days we were together in the workshop. I believe through blogs we will continue to share information about different issues happens around the world. Because we are all journalist let us keep it up, work hard in order to make sure we fulfill our responsibility of keeping the public informed. Let us continue to update our blogs after this workshop in order to be as an example to others and teach our fellow about things we have gain in this workshop.
I want to remind my fellow 16 journalist to avoid plagiarism. As our lecturer reminded us, plagiarism is bad, it can damage our profession as well as our jobs. Let us try to find our own material in our works. If it happens to use someone material please make sure you give him or her credit in order to be in the safe side. That is how things go on.
My expectation is to use the knowledge I got from this workshop to educate my fellow workers in my company as well as other people so that they can also know how to use the internet effectively.
Lastly, I want to say a word of thanks to the organizer of this workshop, MISA-Tanzania and VIKES Foundation. I appreciate everything you have done to us 17 Tanzanian Journalists and I ask you to provide this training to other who has not yet selected to attend the workshop like this.

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